About Us

Launched in 2016, Wine Sampler is an expert provider of wine tasting events and dream wine vacations for members throughout the United States. We specialize in giving members memorable and enjoyable wine tasting events at different wine regions around the world where we teach all that there is to know about wines with a variety of wine brands. We take the time to source the most exquisite wines around the world from renowned wineries, then carefully handpick the best locations for wine tasting events. We have studied the vast intricacies of wine, and all our wine tasting events are targeted towards improving your wine experience in the most memorable way possible.


Wine sampler is your trusted wine educator that works toward improving your knowledge, experience and confidence with wine. We organize and hold the most significant wine tasting events where our members are taught the necessary skill with which to differentiate Merlot from Malbec, Bordeaux from Burgundy and so on. From the regular bottles found in supermarkets to the expensive bottles served in restaurants, we will carefully teach the knowledge of wine entertainingly.


We are particular about allowing our members to explore the world of wine in luxury and comfort. This is why we always keep our members updated about wine tasting events, and provide dream wine vacations every year at different wine regions. During our vacations, members are treated to the world best wines in amazing Gourmet restaurants, fantastic hotels and wine tasting events in wineries. Members are allowed to meet top wine producers, other lovers of wine and share their different wine experiences. They are allowed to rate wineries based on their personal wine tasting experience in different locations. We strive to give members a satisfactory and fun-filled vacation with wines. Our mission is to help our wine lover members experience great wine events all over the world.


All our wine tasting days are carefully selected to fit the schedule of our members. Our events are highly sophisticated and held at the most attractive locations. Members are allowed to use our wine events for birthday celebrations, anniversaries and weddings. We hold weekend wine tasting events to spice up members weekend and create opportunities for meeting like-minded people.


We are confident about the value and quality of our wine tasting events and vacations, and this explains why our members trust us and look forward to our yearly vacations. Our wine tasting tutors are friendly, and passionate about sharing their experience and knowledge of world wines. All our vacations are designed to inform and educate members in a very exciting and enjoyable manner. Wine Sampler aims to show every lover of wine a better way to wine through our wine tasting events and dream wine vacations. We would love to have you in our next wine tasting event. Become a member today and stand a chance to win your dream wine vacation in a beautiful wine location.


We look forward to seeing you experience the excitement that comes with waking up in a beautiful wine location.